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Used Volvo for sale

Volvo is a world leader in motoring safety. Period.

Swedish manufacturer Volvo doesn’t shy away from its claim that they have been instrumental in saving at least one million lives. Nils Bohlin, a safety engineer, worked for Volvo in 1959 when he invented the 3-point safety belt. In 1976, Volvo made headlines again when the makers unveiled its Lambda Sond – a world-first catalytic converter that controls exhaust emissions. This environmental breakthrough reduces cars’ harmful emissions by 90% and today there is hardly a car on the road that is not fitted with a vital Lambda Sond.

If your family’s safety is of the utmost importance to you, then look no further. We have a valiant Volvo waiting to have your back. At Citton Cars, we take our cue from Volvo on how we conduct our everyday business – with high ethics and entrenched safety standards.

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