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Current instalment too high?

Refinance to reduce your instalment.

Citton Cars understands that the cost of living (rates and taxes, electricity, water tariffs, and school fees, to name but a few) affects people now more than ever, as financial pressures on South African households increase monthly.

Having been in the motor industry for more than 30 years, we can help first-time buyers and existing customers reduce their monthly instalments through refinancing.

You can consider refinance if your current vehicle instalment or interest rate is too high, you’re buying a new car, you’re a first-time buyer, or you need assistance with a private-to-private sale.

Refinancing offers you the opportunity to change and lower your monthly vehicle instalment by changing your debt obligation to the current value of your vehicle’s settlement amount, changing your interest rate, finance term, or amount financed, and even freeing up some extra capital for up to 60 days.

This is especially handy for struggling households, people who want to pay off their debt faster to reduce their debt burden, and first-time buyers who qualify for better interest rates.

This will give you the financial breathing space to reassess and revaluate your own financial situation so that you can create financial stability and make correct buying decisions from here onwards.

Why refinance with Citton Cars?

Is your current vehicle instalment too high?

Recalculating your instalments based on the current value of your vehicle’s settlement amount and longer repayment periods can reduce your monthly instalment.

Is your current interest rate too high?

Refinancing offers you the opportunity to change your monthly vehicle instalments to reflect the current value of your vehicle settlement and reduce your interest rate.

Buying a new car?

This is your opportunity to refinance. Different financial institutions have different requirements. Our team of experts can help you make the best choice.

First-time buyer?

First-time buyers buy vehicles at extremely high interest rates due to their low credit score. Over time, their credit ratings can improve and, by restructuring and refinancing, they can get better, more competitive rates.

Do you want to settle your debt faster?

Refinance and pay off your debt faster.

Private-to-private sale?

Citton Cars can facilitate private-to-private sales to ensure a 100% risk-free transaction that is fair towards both parties.

How to finance your car with us

Determine if you qualify for refinancing

In order to refinance:
You must be a South African citizen, you must have a sound credit rating, you must have a valid South African driving licence, the vehicle must be a 2013 model or newer, you must earn a salary of at least R9 000 per month, the car must have a value of at least R80 000 and you must be aware that finance fees might be charged.

Apply with all the banks

Apply with all the banks. You choose the option you prefer.

Finish paperwork

The paperwork is completed and your refinancing is arranged! We’ll keep the process simple and ensure that you are protected every step of the way. We also arrange the roadworthy test, change of ownership, and settlement, if any.

Selling Private-to-Private

Citton Cars can facilitate private-to-private sales and ensure a 100% risk-free transaction that is fair towards both parties. Here’s how the vehicle-refinancing process works when Citton Cars facilitates the transaction:

Determine the value

Help the buyer and seller determine the value of the vehicle.


Ensure that the offer is fair towards both parties.

Finance application

Get the finance application from the buyer.

Sellers settlement

Get the seller’s settlement and vehicle details from the bank.

Collect vehicle

Collect the vehicle from the seller.

perform diagnostic checks

Citton Cars’ Bosch Car Service centre will perform diagnostic checks to ensure that there are no hidden defects in the vehicle. These checks include a vehicle-integrity check, an 85-point DEKRA vehicle check, a 120-point Bosch quality inspection, and a Bosch diagnostics check.

Roadworthy certificate

Help the buyer and seller determine the value of the vehicle.

Transfer ownership

Transfer ownership from the seller to the buyer.

Title deed

The bank holds the title deed.

Extended warranty

The buyer can buy an extended warranty for the vehicle through the finance institution.


Register the car and provide the licence and registration documents.

100% risk-free

The transaction is concluded, 100% risk-free, fair, and guaranteed.

Pay seller

Citton Cars will pay the seller.

Did you know?

We can help you to finance your vehicle.